Coming Events

Celebrate 175 years

Small Groups

You could inform your visitors about you minister through your small groups. Give them a pathway to follow.

You have total control over all of the content on your pages, so you can do anything you want in the content areas.

Unique Slideshows

If you choose a Dynamic Canvas design that has a sub page slideshow, you may make a unique slideshow on ever sub page. The choice is yours.

/files/Images/cheering.jpgMultiple Page Layout

Each Dynamic Canvas design will have multiple page layouts. Aside from the default layout, there will usually be a full width page layout for the purpose of our large view calendar or just to give some variety to your site.

Add pictures text and graphics

With our easy to use editing tools, you will be able to add pictures, text, and graphics. You can also add tables, forms and many other great features.