Sanctuary Service Music

Celia Weiss, organist


Date  Music
Centering: Silent Nightt-Callahan
Musical: Miracle at the Christmas Cafe--Children choirs

Offertory: Shepherds--Held

Postlude:Fanfare on Hark! The Herald Angels Sing-DeCou
Prelude: A Voice Cries Out-Bridge Band
Centering: What Child is This-Handbells-Hakes

Offertory: Come to Us, Emmanuel-Chancel Choir-Martin

Communion: Bridge Band
Prelude: Dennis Hoffer
Centering: Dennis Hoffer

Offertory: But Who May Abide the Day of His Coming--Tom LeFevre-Handel

Postlude: Dennis Hoffer
Prelude: Praise and Thanksgiving-Wood
Centering: Come Ye Thankful-Chapel-Weiss

Centering: Come, Ye Thankful People, Come-Chancel Choir--Elvey

Skit: Present Acceptance-Westminster Choir-Boyle

Offertory: O Master Let Me Walk WithThee-Chapel-Karvonen/Smith
Offertory: King All Glorious -Chancel Choir-Thygerson
Postlude: Toccata on Nun Danket-Husted
Prelude: Now Thank We All Our God-Karg/Elert
Centering: Prayer of Thanksgiving-Chapel-Lorenz

Centering: Spirit of the Living God-Chancel Choir-Iverson

Anthem: Clap Your Hands,, All You People-Junior Chorale-Dengler

Offertory: We Praise You, O God-Chapel-Wood
Offertory: A Prayer of Need-Celia Weiss-Chancel Choir-Rodriguez
Postlude: Toccata on Deo Gratias-Biggs
Prelude: Processional on St. George's Windsor-Sobaje
Centering: First Thessalonians 4:17-Melodia Choir-Wills

Anthem:We Praise You For the Sun-Melodia Choir-Mahnke

Offertory: And the Father Will Dance-Chancel Choir-Hayes
Postlude: Postlude-Freed
Prelude: Festival Prelude on Ein' fest Burg-Faulkes
Centering: Song-Chapel-Schumann

Centering:The Lord is in His Holy Temple-Chancel Choir-Skead

Centering:The Water is Wide-Handbells-Phillips

Offertory: Communion Improvisation-Chapel-Englert

Offertory: A Church-Michael & Patrick Petersen-Chancel Choir-Althouse
Communion:arr Weiss
Postlude: Toccata Brilliante-Chapel-Logan
Prelude: Thanks Be to God--Handel
Centering: Adagio-Chapel-Liszt

Centering:With All of Your Heart-Chancel Choir-Sewell

Offertory: Prayer For Autumn-Chapel-Stickles

Offertory: Friends in the Lord-Chancel Choir-Pote

Postlude: Toccata-Sweelinck
Prelude: Holy God We Praise Your Name-arr Bish

Centering: Clap Your Hands For Joy-
Chancel Choir-Hopson
Offertory: I Pray To Thee O God-Chapel-Marais

Offertory: The Never-Ending Song of Praise-Chancel Choir-Harris

Postlude: Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing-Diemer
Prelude: I'm Gonna Live So God Can Use Me-Taylor
Centering: Rejoice and Sing-Junior Chorale & Westminster Choir-Curry

Offertory: This Is the Day the Lord Has Made-Chancel Choir-Hayes

Postlude: Oh! Had I Jubal's Lyre-Handel/Powell

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