Sanctuary Service Music

Celia Weiss, organist


Date  Music
Prelude: Summer Pastorale My Faithful Heart Rejoices-Shackelford
Centering Arrietta-Jones
Offertory: Offertorio-Leybach

Postlude: Recessional-Schack
Prelude Hoffer
Centering Hoffer.
Communion Hoffer
Offertory: Hofffer

Postlude: Hoffer
Prelude Hoffer
Centering Hoffer.
Communion Hoffer
Offertory: Hofffer

Postlude: Hoffer
Prelude on Patriotic Melodies-Weiss & Hoffer-Nielson/Young.
Centering: Prayer-Beethoven
Offertory: Where're You Walk--J Stoll-Handel

Postlude: Fantasie from Queen of Sheba-Gounod

Gathering Music-Jazz Musicians     
Offertory:Jazz Musicians
Response: Precious Lord, Take My Hand---Dave Bennett

Sending Music: Jazz Musicians

Dave Bennett-Vocal
Dave Bennett-Clarinet
Pat Mallinger-Saxophone
J. Fred Powell-Trumpet
Sean Patrick-Bass
Jim Bollero-Percussion
Matt Kennedy-Guitar
Celia Weiss-Keyboard

Prelude on Holy, Holy, Holy--Post      All music is from the Chapel organ.
Centering: Hear My Prayer-Frick
Offertory: How Great Thou Art--Langlais

Postlude: Lord, You Give Us the Great Commission-Burkhardt
Prelude: Prelude and Toccata on For Your Gift Of God the Spirit -Visser
Centering: Creator Spirit, Heavenly Dove
Offertory: Spirit of God, Descend Upon My Heart-Slowins

Postlude: Toccata on Great Day-Hailstork
Prelude: To God Be the Glory -Pirovano
Centering: arr Weiss
Communion: arr Weiss

Offertory on Fairest Lord Jesus-Jantzer

Postlude: Rejoice, the Lord is King-Sobajer
Prelude: Great IsThy Faithfulness-Miller
Offertory: How Can I Keep From Singing--Chancel Choir-Honorie

Postlude: Praise Him With the Sound of Trumpet-Martin
Prelude: The King of Love My Shepherd Is-arr Whitworth
Centering-Chapel: Bless Be the Tie That Binds--arr Hustad
Centering: Here I Am to Worship--Handbells-Hughes/Labenski
Communion: Brother James Air-arr Weiss
Offertory: Prayer of Consecration-CC-Dresie
Postlude: Toccata Perpetua--Smith
Prelude: Awake, Awake, and Greet the New Morn-Sedio
Musical: The Lost Boy---Youth-Pote/Long
Offertory: Seek and You Will Find-Weiss

Postlude: With Timbrel and Dance-Wood
Prelude: Salvation Army Staff Band
Centering: Nocturne-SASBand-Borodin arr Norbury
Anthem: Come, Peace of God---SAS Band-Butler
Offertory: Shine On Us--SAS Band-Smith/Gordo

Postlude: Marche Triomphale---SAS Band+Organ-Karg/Elert arr Himes
Prelude: Toccata on Christ the Lord is Risen Today-Bish
Centering: Christ Has Died, Christ Is Risen-Chancel Choir
Anthem: Jesus Lives-Youth & Handbells-Tucker
Offertory: I Know That My Redeemer Lives--Chancel Choir-Courtney

Postlude: Toccata from Symphony No 5-Widor
4-13-14 Prelude: Processional on All Glory, Laud, and Honor-Teschner
Centering: Weiss
Anthem: Look, Now, Your King Is Coming-Chancel Choir-Govenor
Offertory: With the Waving of Palms--Chancel Choir-Bock

Postlude: Toccata For Palm Sunday-Martin
4-06-14 Prelude: Dennis Hoffer
Centering: Dennis Hoffer
Communion: Dennis Hoffer
Offertory: When the Spirit of the Lord-LeFevre-Traditional

Postlude: Toccata For Palm Sunday-Martinr
3-30-14 Prelude: Dennis Hoffer
Centering: Dennis Hoffer
Offertory: I Wonder Why-Avery/March

Postlude: Dennis Hoffer
3-23-14 Prelude: Largo from Concerto in D Minor-Vivaldi-Bach
Skit: MacJesus to Go--Westminster Choir
Offertory: O Divine Redeemer-Tom LeFevre-Chancel Choir-Gounod/Kingsbury

Postlude: Thine is the Glory--Smith
3-16-14 Prelude: Sanctus-Penfield
Anthem: Forty Days and Forty Nights--Jr Chorale & Handbells-Bedford
Offertory: Father, Forgive Us-Chancel Choir-Courtney

Offertory-Chapel: Prayer for Lent-Rheinberger

Postlude: In the Cross of Christ I Glory--Thygerson
3-09-14 Prelude: Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley-Weiss
Offertory: We Believe-Chancel Choir-Courtney

Postlude: Fantasie on O Sons and Daughters of the King-Martin
3-02-14 Prelude: Round About the Mountain-DaCosta
Centering: Turn Your Eyes on Jesus-Chancel Choir-Lemmel
Anthem: The Lord Is My Light-Westminster Choir-Bedford

Communion arr Weiss

Offertory: Father of Light-Mike Weiss-Chancel Choir-Courtney

Postlude: Grand March In D Major-Handel
2-23-14 Prelude: 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)--Bridge Band
Centering: Rain Down Your Love-CC-Cortez
Anthem: God Love the Whole Wide World-All Choirs-Dengler

Offertory: I Love Thee-Jones

Postlude: You Are My God-BridgeBand
2-16-14 Prelude: Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts-Whitworth
Centering: You Are My God-CC-Delaven
Centering-Chapel: Day by Day-arr Hughes
Offertory: The Gift of Love-CC-Erin & Luke Greising-Chancel Choir-Hopson

Offertory-Chapel: The Gift of Love-Hopson

Postlude: Ancient of Days-Taylor
2-09-14 Prelude: Andante--Allison Valentijn, oboe-Mozart
Anthem: Come, Let Us Sing-Junior Chorale-Westminster Choir-Lindh
Offertory: Carry the Light---Chancel Choir-Pethel

2-02-14 Prelude: A Celebration of Praise---Denton
Centering: Morning Prayer--Stickles
Communion: -Merles Tune- arr Weiss
Communion-Chapel: -Merles Tune- arr Weiss
Offertory-Chapel: The Music of Life--Chancel Choir-Martin

Offertory-Chapel: Dear Lord and Father of Mankind-Wood
Postlude:Glory To God on High-Blake

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