Chapel and Sanctuary Worship


/files/Images/Chapel  Sanc/chapel worship 1.jpgChapel Worship... At 8:45 a.m. on Sunday morning, we gather in our chapel to worship God.  Our chapel is a warm and inviting space in which to sing God's praise and hear God's word, seating about 90.  The chapel service is "lively traditional," featuring hymns both classic and new, accompanied by the Allen organ or piano.  On occasion we have special vocalists or instrumentalists, and once or twice a year one of our choirs joins us to lead worship.

Sanctuary Worship... Our sanctuary service, featuring our chancel choir and /files/Images/Chapel  Sanc/sanc worship 1.jpg
children's and youth choirs, is at 11:00.  The chancel features a 30'x38' window of "pot glass," telling the story of salvation in brightly colored segments.  As music from our magnificent Shantz/Bunn=Minnick pipe organ fills the resonant room, we lift our voices and hearts in hymns and spiritual songs.   Although the format is traditional, we worship with energy and spirit.

On occasion we have special services in the sanctuary: /files/Photos/Jazz Sunday/JazzSun2011-3.jpg
  • children's and youth musical productions twice a year,
  • a Jazz Sunday service every June with professional Dixieland jazz musicians
          (most recently, clarinetist Dave Bennett),
  • visits from a variety of musical groups: pictured is the Chicago Salvation Army Brass Band, which joined us on Palm Sunday, 2011,/files/Images/Chapel  Sanc/SalvArmyBand2011.jpg
  • visits from humorists such as the Friends of the Groom,
  • special preachers, made possible through the Miller Endowment in our church, who have included James Forbes and Barry Black,
  • Holy Humor Sunday, usually the Sunday following Easter.
Our pipe organ is featured in annual organ recitals from some of America's leading performers, including Frederick Swann, Bradley Welch, and Frederick Hohman.

If lively, warm traditional worship helps you connect with God, come and worship with us in the chapel or sanctuary.