A Welcoming Michiana Church

We know that visiting a new church for the first time can be intimidating.

First Presbyterian strives to be friendly and welcoming. You need not be a member to attend. You don’t have to be Christian. And you are not required to pay anything.


When, Where, and What Should I Wear?

We say that everyone is welcome, and really mean it.

 Many people tend to wear suits and dresses, but plenty wear casual clothes. We truly want you to be comfortable and care much more about you being here, than what you are wearing.

For those bringing children, we recognize that it is a big victory to get the kids out of the house at all! Don’t worry if hair is combed perfectly and clothes match.

We hold two worship services every Sunday. We have a 10 am worship in the Sanctuary. Then, at 10:00 am we also hold our contemporary service downstairs. It is known as the Bridge service. We offer coffee, cookies, coffee and fruit after each service at no cost.

Does First Presbyterian Welcome Children?

With great joy! If you are a brand new parent you are welcome to either keep your little one with you, or observe and try our nurturing care providers. If you have energetic toddlers or older children, we have ministries that combine spiritual depth with the fun and energy kids crave. Children younger than kindergarten typically check in in the nursery. Pagers are available so that parents may be summoned if reassurance from Mom or Dad is needed during the service. If your child is a little shy and wants to stay with you, that is absolutely fine. 


Many Young Presbyterian Artists got their start with the Coloring Packs and Children's Bulletins available during our worship services. During our informal Bridge worship service, some children gather in the iPad / smartphone charging area where they can view the Bridge Band and participate with others in the worship service.


For more information on our ministry for Children and Youth, please click here.

How Do I Get To First Presbyterian? Where Should I Park?

First Presbyterian Church is located on Beardsley just one block from the Main Street Bridge. Parking is available both in front and behind the church.