Membership, Baptism, & Communion  

Membership:  Are you in/files/Images/Logos/firstpres on grey_Resized_208x78.jpgterested in exploring membership in our church?  We would love to have you do so.  Please click here for an explanation of the process and requirements for membership.  We periodically schedule "Exploring Membership classes at a time convenient for participants to further explore the meaning and benefits of membership.  For the information questionnaire for new members, please click here.

Com/files/Images/communionclipart with bkgrnd.jpgmunion:  As Presbyterians, we do not "fence" the Lord's Table.  This means that all baptized Christians, whether or not members of our church, are invited to share in communion.  Just as Jesus invited the children to come to Him, so we believe that He invites them to His table, and so children are welcome to share in communion.

We usually serve communion the first Sunday of the month, as well as on Maundy Thursday, Easter, and Christmas Eve.   So that all may participate, we serve grape juice. 

At the chapel and sanctuary services, we serve either by passing plates of bread and trays of individual cups, or by "intinction," in which people come forward to dip a piece of bread in a common cup.  When intinction is used, we always offer the option of an individual cup.  At the Bridge, we serve communion in a variety of ways, but most often by intinction.


Baptism:  Li/files/Images/baptism clipart with bkgrnd.jpgke all Presbyterians, we follow the Biblical precedent and ancient tradition  in baptizing infants, as well as older youth and adults.  Those who are baptized as  children have an opportunity, when youth, of claiming the baptismal promises for themselves in our confirmation process.

Children's Baptism: Because a child's baptism is, among other things, entry into the church family, and because it involves promises by parents and congregation to raise the child in the Christian faith, Presbyterians require that at least one parent be a member of this congregation.  On occasion, we will baptize a child on behalf of another Presbyterian congregation where one of the parents is a member. For more information on the Presbyterian understanding of baptism, please click here.  For the information questionnare for baptism, please click here.