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Resurrection People SERIES Resurrection People

Pastor Rebecca's sermon Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017 .

Which Parade Will You Choose? SERIES Which Parade Will You Choose?

Pastor Rebecca's Palm Sunday message April 9,2017

Freed from Oppression SERIES Freed from Oppression

Pastor Sarah's sermon in the Chapel, April 7, 2017

Lazarus and the Rich Man SERIES Lazarus and the Rich Man

Pastor Sarah's sermon March 26, 2017 in the Sanctuary - the story…


Fork in the Road

Lenten Series: Choices made at certain points in life's journey.

Focus on Jesus

Bringing Jesus into focus by zooming in on specific stories and then zooming out for a greater view of the Kingdom.

Sanctuary Music 2017

2017 Highlights of the Chancel Choir and Special guests

Jesus - Prism of God

Just as a prism reveals the colors of the rainbow hidden in a beam of light, Jesus reveals the many aspects of God to us in our daily lives.

Yearning for Light

In the darkness, the season of Advent celebrates the search for Light in the person of Jesus Christ

Unlikely Heirs

Three portions of Genesis on the origins of humankind and relationship between humans and God.

Teach Us to Pray

How should we pray ? This series examines what God expects from Christian daily life, expressed through private and public prayer

Trouble and Comfort

The life of Saint Paul illustrates the role of conflict and comfort in the lives of Christians from the First Century until today.

Extreme Makeover

Extreme Makeovers go beyond reality TV - the early disciples were transformed as well.

Power Players

The Empire and the Force the power players of the passion story, told in the cultural style of Star Wars.

And So Are They

God considers each of us a precious treasure - and then extends love to some unlikely suspects.

Advent 2015

Just as astronomers looked for signs around them, we have an opportunity to find the Christ Child today.

2015 Sermons

Sanctuary sermons available for review and in some cases download

Sanctuary Music 2016

Highlights of the Chancel Choir and Special Events

Outreach and Fellowship

Sharing informal Worship and fellowship events

Special Events

Special Events in the life of First Presbyterian Church