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And So Are They

You are God's Precious Treasure - and So Are They. Growth in faith leads us to study how God extends love and Grace to those that we might least expect.

To Make the World a Better Place SERIES To Make the World a Better Place

Pastor Rebecca's sermon Feb 7, 2016 in the Sanctuary

Jesus Drops the Mic SERIES Jesus Drops the Mic

Pastor Sarah provides a modern visual image for the first public statement…

How Do We Handle Conflict ? SERIES How Do We Handle Conflict ?

Pastor Rebecca's sermon Jan 31,2016 on the role of conflict in the Christian…

Jesus's Mission Statement SERIES Jesus's Mission Statement

Paster Rebecca's sermon in the sanctuary Jan 24, 2016 focuses on the events…

And So are They SERIES And So are They

Pastor Sarah's sermon in the Bridge worship service Jan 24, 2016