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Archived SERIES

Fork in the Road

A Lenten series of choices made in lives in the Gospel and in lives today.

Sanctuary Music 2017

Highlights of the Chancel Choir and Special guests in Sanctuary services in 2017

Focus on Jesus

A good photographer gains understanding from surveying a scene, zooming in on details,…

Jesus - Prism of God

The many facets of God are revealed through Jesus, the Christ

Yearning for Light

Advent Series - 2016

Unlikely Heirs

A series on three portions of the book of Genesis, stories of the origins of humankind…

Teach Us to Pray

Christian Prayer and its role in daily living

Trouble and Comfort

God's examples in the life of Saint Paul illustrate that every moment of life we…

Power Players

The Empire and the Force - A lenten series into the power players of the passion…

Extreme Makeover

After the Resurrection, each of the disciples experienced a transformation - in today's…

And So Are They

You are God's Precious Treasure - and So Are They. Growth in faith leads us to study…

Advent 2015

Looking Closely for the Christ Child

2015 Sermons

Recordings of Sanctuary sermons

Sanctuary Music 2016

Music by Chancel Choir and special musical events during the 10am Sanctuary Service

Outreach and Fellowship

Informal worship and fellowship opportunities in the wider world of outreach.

Special Events

Special events series in Worship, Fellowship or Outreach

2014 Sermons

Sermons from 2014 from Pastor Rebecca and Pastor Sarah, in some cases with PDF text.…