Beardsley School Uniform Mission

Beardsley School Mission Appeal...

As authorized by our Session, the Serving Commission invites each pledging unit to graciously consider contributing $25 for the purchase of one school uniform clothing set for this coming school year. This is a modest price for a set including: sweater, slacks, shorts, and shirt in school colors - which Beardsley staff will buy through cost-efficient channels. As you know, Beardsley is our focused church-wide mission this year.

As our Foundation has helped with immediate funding of $2,000, any contributions will help replenish this amount. Any excess will go into a fund designated for Beardsley needs. To participate, please make out a check to "First Presbyterian Foundation" and write "Beardsley Uniforms" in the check memo. They may then be left in an offering plate, or mailed in to Cinda in the church office.

Blessings and thanks for
consideration, Susie Lehman and Tom LeFevre, Serving Commission Elders