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Bridge Service Sanctuary Worship

Regular Worship Hours Nov 12th

Posted by Andy McCaskey on Sunday, November 5, 2017 @ 9:01 PM

Regular Worship Hours will resume Sunday November 12:

9am: Traditional Worship - Sanctuary

10:00am Church School - Children

10:15am Wired Word - Reception Room

11:00 The Bridge: Contemporary Worship


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A Musically Worshiping Church Home  

We celebrate with a wide variety of musical styles and instruments throughout the year, and offer a variety of opportunities to develop and share the musical and dramatic talents of all ages as a part of our Worship and life.



Sermons and Music from Our Worship Services


Fork in the Road

A Lenten series of choices made in lives in the Gospel and in lives today.

There is a Time SERIES There is a Time

Pastor Rebecca's Sanctuary sermon Nov 11, 2018

The Church's Best Kept Secrets SERIES The Church's Best Kept Secrets

Pastor Rebecca's sermon Communion Sunday Nov 4, 2018

Remaining Focused SERIES Remaining Focused

Guest Pastor Bill Reith, President and CEO of United Way, Elkhart County

Gratitude, Generosity and Respect SERIES Gratitude, Generosity and Respect

Pastor Rebecca's sermon October 21, 2018

What Possessed Him SERIES What Possessed Him

Guest Pastor Rev Dr. David Miller, preaching Sunday Oct 14, 2018

Living in Unity SERIES Living in Unity

Pastor Rebecca's World Communion Sunday, combined service in Sanctuary…

Stumbling Blocks SERIES Stumbling Blocks

Pastor Rebecca's sermon Sept 30,2018

Children's Ministry SERIES Children's Ministry

Rev Anna Parkinson's sermon describing the Children's Ministry at FPC Elkhart

The Unrecognizable Gospel SERIES The Unrecognizable Gospel

Pastor Rebecca's sermon September 16, 2018

Making Your Eyes Spark SERIES Making Your Eyes Spark

Pastor Rebecca's sermon Sept 9, 2018

Faith Without Works SERIES Faith Without Works

Pastor Rebecca's sermon Sept 2, 2018 during combined service in the Sanctuary.…

Putting on Our Armor SERIES Putting on Our Armor

Sermon by Seminary Intern Austin Wicks - Chapel August 26,2018

Breaking Down Walls SERIES Breaking Down Walls

Pastor Rebecca's sermon August 12, 2018

A Life Worth Living SERIES A Life Worth Living

Pastor Rebecca's sermon August 2, 2018 in the Chapel with Communion.

Extravagant Love SERIES Extravagant Love

Guest Pastor David Smook - Sunday July 29,2018

Feeding the 5000 SERIES Feeding the 5000

Austin Wicks sermon in Chapel service July 22,2018

Making Goodness Attractive SERIES Making Goodness Attractive

Pastor Rebecca's sermon to combined service in the Sanctuary July 15,2018…

Prophet at Home SERIES Prophet at Home

Pastor Rebecca's sermon at Chapel service July 8, 2018

The Beatitudes SERIES The Beatitudes

Pastor Rebecca's sermon at a combined service in the Bridge July 1, 2018

Jazz Sunday 2018 SERIES Jazz Sunday 2018

Jazz Sunday featuring Dave Bennett, Celia Weiss

Getting Lost in Istanbul SERIES Getting Lost in Istanbul

Pastor Rebecca's sermon June 17,2018, upon return from a trip to Turkey

The Trinity God SERIES The Trinity God

Pastoral Intern Austin Wicks sermon June 10,2018

Jesus in the Trinity SERIES Jesus in the Trinity

Pastoral Intern Austin Wicks sermon at the combined service in the Bridge…

The Holy Spirit SERIES The Holy Spirit

Sermon May 27,2018 by Seminary Intern Austin Wicks

Pentecost SERIES Pentecost

Seminary intern Austin Wicks sermon May 20,2018

Love SERIES Love

Pastor Rebecca sermon May 6, 2018 in combined service in the Sanctuary

Staying Connected SERIES Staying Connected

Pastor Rebecca's sermon April 29, 2018

The Shepard's Song SERIES The Shepard's Song

Pastor Rebecca's sermon April 22, 2018

I am the Gate SERIES I am the Gate

Parish Intern Austin Wicks sermon April 15, 2018

The Bread of Life SERIES The Bread of Life

Parish Intern Austin Wick's sermon April 8, 2017

Coming Out of a Good Friday World SERIES Coming Out of a Good Friday World

Pastor Rebecca's sermon Easter 2018.

The Lazarus Story SERIES The Lazarus Story

Seminary Intern Austin Wicks preaching March 18,2018

The Man Born Blind SERIES The Man Born Blind

Pastor Rebecca's sermon March 11, 2018

For God So Loved the World SERIES For God So Loved the World

Pastor Rebecca's sermon Feb 25, 2018

Temptations in the Wilderness SERIES Temptations in the Wilderness

Pastor Rebecca's sermon for the first Sunday of Lent - February 18, 2018…

Transfiguration SERIES Transfiguration

Austin Wicks sermon on February 11, 2017

Too Busy to Thrive SERIES Too Busy to Thrive

Pastor Rebecca's sermon February 4, 2018 following presentation on Immigration…

Simply Amazed SERIES Simply Amazed

Pastor Rebecca's sermon January 28, 2018

An Urgent Mission SERIES An Urgent Mission

Sanctuary sermon by Pastor Rebecca Jan 18, 2018

Star Gazers SERIES Star Gazers

Pastor Rebecca Jan 7, 2018 at combined service in the Sanctuary.

Don't Be Afraid SERIES Don't Be Afraid

Paster Rebecca Dec 24,2017

Christmas Eve Homily SERIES Christmas Eve Homily

Parish Intern Austin Wicks at Christmas Eve 11am Hymn Sing Dec 24,2017…

Mary's Song SERIES Mary's Song

Pastor Rebecca's sermon December 17,2017

John Says "Repent!" SERIES John Says "Repent!"

Pastor Rebecca's sermon December 10, 2017

Advent and Hope SERIES Advent and Hope

Pastor Rebecca's Sermon Dec 3, 2017 at combined service in the Bridge.

Anticipating the Season SERIES Anticipating the Season

Austin Wicks sermon November 26, 2017

Settle Down SERIES Settle Down

Pastor Rebecca sermon for November 19,2017

Mentors for Hope SERIES Mentors for Hope

Guest Pastor Jennifer Burns Lewis, Visioning and Connecting Leader Presbytery…

Tired of Battling False Prophets SERIES Tired of Battling False Prophets

Pastor Rebecca's sermon at the combined service Nov 5, 2017 celebrating…

Making God a Home SERIES Making God a Home

Pastor Rebecca's sermon October 29, 2017 with thoughts on renewal and regeneration…

Hidden Talents SERIES Hidden Talents

Parish Seminary Intern Austin Wicks sermon for October 22,2017

Generosity SERIES Generosity

Dr. Pete McCown is the President of the Elkhart Community Foundation, and…

Focusing on the Future SERIES Focusing on the Future

Tom Ehrich is a writer, church consultant and Episcopal priest based in…

God Hears Our Grumbling SERIES God Hears Our Grumbling

Pastor Rebecca's Sanctuary sermon Oct 1, 2017

Jacob and Esau SERIES Jacob and Esau

Parish Intern Austin Wicks sermon Sunday September 17,2017

Creation SERIES Creation

Pastor Rebecca's sanctuary sermon revealing the Genesis story of Creation,…

Psalm 33 SERIES Psalm 33

Pastor Rebecca's Sanctuary sermon September 3,2017

The Power of Water SERIES The Power of Water

Pastor Rebecca's sanctuary sermon August 27,2017 - introducing Pastor Intern…

Grasped by God's Love SERIES Grasped by God's Love

Combined Chapel service by Pastor Rebecca, Aug 20,2017

Mind Your Manners SERIES Mind Your Manners

Pastor Rebecca's sermon at the combined chapel service August 13, 2017

Our Beloved Sacred Meal SERIES Our Beloved Sacred Meal

Pastor Rebecca in combined service held in the chapel Aug 6, 2017

Psalm 150 SERIES Psalm 150

Combined service in the Bridge July 30, 2017, with sermon by Pastor Rebecca.

Psalm 30 SERIES Psalm 30

Pastor Jill Kitowski's sermon on July 23,2017 at the combined service held…

The 23rd Psalm SERIES The 23rd Psalm

Combined service July 16,2017 in the Bridge, with Pastor Rebecca.

The Sermon of Psalms SERIES The Sermon of Psalms

Guest minister Jill Kitowski July 9, 2017 in the combined service in the…

Praise the Lord SERIES Praise the Lord

Combined service in the Bridge July 2, 2017 - preaching by Pastor Rebecca.

Sing Your Heart Out SERIES Sing Your Heart Out

Jazz Sunday 2017 - Pastor Rebecca's sermon as portion of the Miller Foundation…

Growing Character SERIES Growing Character

Pastor Rebecca's sermon to the combined service in the Sanctuary June 18,…

Come Alive Dry Bones SERIES Come Alive Dry Bones

Pastor Rebecca's sermon June 11, 2017 and description of her new role as…

When the Spirit Blows SERIES When the Spirit Blows

Pastor Rebecca's sermon during the combined service in the Sanctuary June…

Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered SERIES Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered

Guest Pastor Walt Davis drama presentation in Sanctuary May 28, 2017

Listening to John Calvin SERIES Listening to John Calvin

Guest Pastor David Smook in Sanctuary, May 21, 2017

The Jerusalem Council SERIES The Jerusalem Council

Guest minister Jan Kitkowski sermon in Sanctuary May 14,2017

Pieces of the Puzzle SERIES Pieces of the Puzzle

Pastor Rebecca's Chapel service sermon May 7, 2017.

Shared Ministry SERIES Shared Ministry

Pastor Sarah's final sermon before her departure to her new church in Portland,…

The Problem with Blind Spots SERIES The Problem with Blind Spots

Pastor Rebecca's sermon April 23, 2017

Resurrection People SERIES Resurrection People

Pastor Rebecca's sermon Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017 .

Which Parade Will You Choose? SERIES Which Parade Will You Choose?

Pastor Rebecca's Palm Sunday message April 9,2017

Freed from Oppression SERIES Freed from Oppression

Pastor Sarah's sermon in the Chapel, April 7, 2017

Lazarus and the Rich Man SERIES Lazarus and the Rich Man

Pastor Sarah's sermon March 26, 2017 in the Sanctuary - the story told…

The Prodigal Son SERIES The Prodigal Son

Sanctuary sermon by Pastor Rebecca March 19,2017

The Fig Tree SERIES The Fig Tree

Pastor Rebecca's sermon March 12, 2017 in the Sanctuary

The Good Samaritan SERIES The Good Samaritan

In the Story of the Good Samaritan, three men had a choice. Pastor Rebecca's…