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Bridge Service Sanctuary Worship

Regular Worship Hours Nov 12th

Posted by Andy McCaskey on Sunday, November 5, 2017 @ 9:01 PM

Regular Worship Hours will resume Sunday November 12:

9am: Traditional Worship - Sanctuary

10:00am Church School - Children

10:15am Wired Word - Reception Room

11:00 The Bridge: Contemporary Worship


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A Musically Worshiping Church Home  

We celebrate with a wide variety of musical styles and instruments throughout the year, and offer a variety of opportunities to develop and share the musical and dramatic talents of all ages as a part of our Worship and life.



Sermons and Music from Our Worship Services


Advent 2015

Looking Closely for the Christ Child

Looking Backwards SERIES Looking Backwards

Pastor Sarah's sermon on Salvation History Dec 20, 2015 - along with personal…

Servanthood and Happiness SERIES Servanthood and Happiness

Pastor Rebecca's Bridge sermon Jan 17, 2016 begins with the book A Bell…

Called by Your Name SERIES Called by Your Name

Pastor Rebecca Bridge worship sermon Jan 10 2016 - in Baptism each person…

Changing Names SERIES Changing Names

Pastor Sarah's Sanctuary sermon Jan 17, 2016 concluding the opening of…

Called by Name SERIES Called by Name

Pastor Sarah's Sanctuary sermon in the Precious Treasure series the importance…

The Closed Trunk SERIES The Closed Trunk

Pastor Sarah reminds us that it's still Christmas, and the treasure in…

Moving Past Bethlehem SERIES Moving Past Bethlehem

Pastor Rebecca offers a sermon in the Chapel Dec 27, 2015 - to close the…

Looking Back-Salvation History SERIES Looking Back-Salvation History

Pastor Sarah talks of a long look back to God's plan through Advent, and…

Fear Not ! SERIES Fear Not !

Pastor Rebecca speaks to the Advent message that so often brought to humankind:…

Reversal of Fortune SERIES Reversal of Fortune

Pastor Rebecca describes the hidden message of Advent - illegal to preach…

Joseph SERIES Joseph

Pastor Rebecca focuses on Joseph - a major character in the Advent story…

Magnifying Mary SERIES Magnifying Mary

Pastor Rebecca asks us to join in study of the Magnificant, so we gain…