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Power Players

The Empire and the Force - A lenten series into the power players of the passion story, told in the cultural style of Star Wars.

But ...There's More to Easter SERIES But ...There's More to Easter

Pastor Sarah's Sanctuary service Easter Sunday March 27, 2016.

Easter in a Good Friday World SERIES Easter in a Good Friday World

Bridge Easter Service March 27 - Pastor Rebecca

Love Beyond Calculation SERIES Love Beyond Calculation

Paster Rebecca concludes the Sanctuary series on Power Players March 13,…

Cloaked In Mystery SERIES Cloaked In Mystery

Pastor Sarah's Bridge sermon reveals how the masked and mysterious villains…

The Good Brother SERIES The Good Brother

Pastor Sarah takes the Elder brother's point of view in the Bridge sermon…

Grumbling Pharisees SERIES Grumbling Pharisees

Pastor Rebecca explains the role of the Pharisees in terms of Star Wars…

We Have No Question Marks SERIES We Have No Question Marks

Pilate asked the question "What is Truth"? Truth of the heart may be bigger…

The Power of Empire SERIES The Power of Empire

February 28 ,2016 Pastor Sarah continues the view of the Passion story…

Wrestling with Identity SERIES Wrestling with Identity

Star Wars characters and the Passion story have much in common. Pastor…

Power Struggle SERIES Power Struggle

Pastor Sarah's Sanctuary sermon Feb 14, 2016 introducing the Lenten series…