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2015 Sermons

Recordings of Sanctuary sermons

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner SERIES Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Pastor Rebecca's sermon on Nov 1, 2015

The Written Word of God SERIES The Written Word of God

Guest Pastor Anna Parkinson's sermon Oct 11, 2015.

Sending and Blessing SERIES Sending and Blessing

Pastor Sarah's sermon in the chapel Nov 15, 2015 concluding the Worship…

If .. Then SERIES If .. Then

Pastor Sarah Sept 27, 2015

Gifted and Called SERIES Gifted and Called

Pastor Rebecca May 10, 2015

Unity of the Spirit SERIES Unity of the Spirit

Pastor Sarah April 19, 2015

On Doubt SERIES On Doubt

Pastor Rebecca

Surprised by God SERIES Surprised by God

Pastor Rebecca April 5, 2015

Whom Shall We Invite SERIES Whom Shall We Invite

Pastor Rebecca Mar 15, 2015

The Uncluttered Life SERIES The Uncluttered Life

Pastor Rebecca March 1, 2015

Knowing God and Ourselves SERIES Knowing God and Ourselves

Pastor Sarah Feb 22, 2015

On Authority SERIES On Authority

On Authority - Pastor Rebecca Feb 2, 2015

Beloved Community SERIES Beloved Community

Becoming the Beloved Community - Pastor Rebecca Jan 18, 2015

Remembering Baptism SERIES Remembering Baptism

Remembering and Honoring Baptism - Reverend Sarah Jan 11, 2015

Be A Star Follower SERIES Be A Star Follower

Pastor Rebecca preaches January 4 2015

Feel and Love SERIES Feel and Love

Pastor Sarah in Sanctuary service August 9 2015

Unity of the Spirit SERIES Unity of the Spirit

Unity of the Spirit - Pastor Sarah

Wisdom SERIES Wisdom

A message from Pastor Rebecca concerning Wisdom - August 16, 2015